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Eight year-old Eugene McGillicudy is on an everlasting mission to protect Sunnyview Elementary from evildoers like Queen StinkyPants,   Mister Drools, and Little Miss Stinky Pinky. Luckily, his superhero alterego is none other than the incredible Captain Awesome! Together with his super-allies Nacho Cheese Man, Supersonic Sal and the mighty hamster Super Turbo, Captain Awesome is Mi-teee!!

There are currently I think about seventeen zillion volumes of Captain Awesome in print and I've drawn all of them (the mysterious Stan "The Man-King" Kirby is the writer).  I'm going to add some cool exclusive content up here soon, but until then, please enjoy this button to the official Simon and Schuster Captain Awesome site.

Written by: Stan Kirby
Illustrated by: George O'Connor
Published by: Simon and Schuster for Young Readers
Recommended for Ages 9 - 11
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