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Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Year: 2010
Recommended for ages 4 - 8

The two friends from Kapow! (S & S, 2004) return in an adventure set at the seashore. Although the children are itching to head for the water, the boy's mother makes them stay on the beach to watch his little brother. Changing into the Incredible American Eagle and the Amazing Bug Lady, the duo dubs the younger sibling Manphibian and defeats him by popping his sea-serpent float. With his feelings hurt, he stalks off to sit alone. Unconcerned, the older children continue to play, but when a bully gives them a rough time, they finally understand how the younger boy feels and enlist Manphibian's help in besting the bad guy.

– Joy Fleishhacker, School Library Journal 

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