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In Asgardians, George O'Connor turns his graphic-novel attentions to the Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology, and the weird, wild and ultimately very mortal collection of Gods, Giants, monsters and Dwarves who make their home there. 


Asgardians Book 1: ODIN

Welcome to the Nine Worlds, home of Gods, Valkyries, Dwarves, Jotnar, and more! Travel the burning rainbow bridge to Asgard where Odin, king of the Aesir, surveys his realm. His thirst for knowledge drives him ever onward, but nothing is learned without sacrifice...

In Asgardians, George O’Connor’s highly kinetic illustrations bring these gritty and astonishing tales of war, betrayal, and the quest for enlightenment at any cost to vivid and startling life

Asgardians Book One Odin cover

Asgardians Book 2: THOR

Welcome to the Nine Worlds, home of Gods, Valkyries, Dwarves, and more! Follow the journey of the mighty Thor as he sets off into the blackest sea in search of the Midgard serpent, Jormungandr; thunders across fjords and hills in his chariot to the land of the Jotnar; and is united with his trusty hammer, Mjollnir, for the very first time. But will Thor’s tales of brawling and bravado earn him his crossing from the mysterious ferryman?

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